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Our Mission Statement
To be a reliable provider of non-emergency medical transportation to every client in need.

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About Triangle Specialized Non Emergency Transport

At Triangle Specialized Non Emergency Transport, we offer cost-effective non-emergency medical transportation solutions for elderly individuals, persons with disability, or individuals suffering from an injury. We make it our commitment to provide secure, hassle-free, and comfortable transportation services to every passenger in need.

Our company values the safety of our clients. Therefore, we make an effort to train and reinforce the importance of implementing driving safety measures to our personnel. They are also given the appropriate training to accommodate the various needs of our clients.

We serve the valued residents of Brownsville, Texas, may they be at home, senior facilities or hospitals. Our staff makes sure you can get to your destination safely and promptly.

If you want to know more about the services we offer, you can contact us through our hotline or send us a message.

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